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The One With Josh and Melissa

Welcome to The One With Podcast! The podcast that helps you sort through what to watch on TV.

Jun 13, 2012

Our 25th episode doesn't cover any one single episode of Friends. It covers a whole season. This episode is our first season end spectacular. We celebrate finishing the first season by drinking a Brown Sugar Mojito, which is a like a regular mojito but made with brown sugar and dark rum. Delicious. Melissa attempts to blame the creators for our numbering getting off, but Josh is honestly at fault. The problem stems from 'The one with two parts' which got numbered with one number when it needed two. The problem has been corrected. Oh yeah, and Josh sings. Melissa does the math on our weekly awards for the Most Valueable Friend, Runner-Up, and episode ratings. We also learn of Melissa's restraing order from George Clooney during our review of our favortie moments from the first season. Josh does an Estelle impersonation, then begins mis-naming every actor he tries to say. The trivia on Disc four is a little too easy, and we review the commentary of the pilot, by the creators. We explain second position for some reason. You can reach us at 316-361-6081 and and please review us iTunes. If you like us.