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The One With Josh and Melissa

Welcome to The One With Podcast! The podcast that helps you sort through what to watch on TV.

Jul 26, 2012

This week we review the sixth episode of season two, "The one with the baby on the bus". The most exciting detail of the episode is that the hit Friends song Smelly Cat makes it debut, and how do we celebrate? With a Mab Lib of course. The website has more that one Friends Mad Lib, and specificaly one about Smelly Cat. Thanks to Melissa and her creative answers, we now have a new version of the old hit song. Josh performs it live for the first time on this very episode. The lyrics are included here because I know you will want to sing along:

Smelly Honey Badger, Smelly Honey Badger

What are they singing you?

Smelly Honey Badger, Smelly Honey Badger

It's not your apple

They won't sleding you to the Nurse Practioner

You're obviously not their lovely elephant

You may not be a Grand Canyon of Danishes

And you're no Mother to those elbows

Smelly Honey Badger, Smelly Honey Badger

What are they asking you?

Smelly Honey Badger, Smelly Honey Badger

It's not your George Clooney.

The bold text was provided by Melissa. If you have a version of Smelly Cat that we should know about please email us at and we will sing it live on the podcast. 

Well, surely that's the whole episode? Nope. There is so much more. This episode has so many guest stars : Lea Thompson, Giovanni Ribisi, Chrissie Hynde, and a before they were famous cameo. We break down the episodes main acts from Ross being a wuss to losing a baby on a public buss. Still leaving a little time to go over 70's TV catch phrases. What about the Most Valueable Friend? We do that to. 

And all under 20 minutes. 

We also had time to mention one of out favorite podcasts, Good Job Brain. (it's a trivia podcast) They had recently talked about shampoo, and it related to a song Pheobe performed in the episode. Thanks Good job Brain. 

If you have some time, please go into the iTunes store and click on 5 stars for this show. It's the only way more people are going to find the show. It only takes a few seconds. Really. You can contact us at or call 316-361-6081. 

...And Yes. I was getting over a cold and my voice was a little rough. I shall make a full recovery. (I hope)