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The One With Podcast | Discussing the TV Show FRIENDS, Pop Culture and Games

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Feb 5, 2015

We are back, to cover the penumtimate episodes, of Friends Season 8.In, 'The One With The Cooking Class' Monica and Joey take a cooking class, Pheobe helps Chandler interview for a job, and Ross and Rachel prep for the baby. In, 'The One Where Rachel is Late' Joey's big WWI movie premieres to Chandler sleeping. Rachel and Ross search for a way to induce labor, whilst Monica and Pheobe bet on just when the baby will be born.

Our NY correspondent, Leslie, is back with a tale of running into Mathew Perry. A do-do joke over a duty joke. Chandler incepts Joey. Melissas quotes the Next Wives Club, and Josh Pulps Psycho. We drink a Fiery Ginger.

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