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Dec 4, 2014

2 more Season 8 episodes coming at you this week. In 'The One Where Rachel Tells..." Rachel tells Ross he's going to be a Dad. Monica and Chandler are 10 seconds late on their Honeymoon. Phoebe and Joey want to break into Monica's apartment.  In 'The One With The Videotape' we get an answer to the question: How Did Rachel and Ross hook up and end up pregnant? Joey introduces Ken Adams and the story of bavckpacking in central Europe. Monica and Chandler haven't heard from their new friends from vacation. 

The Ballad of Bladder Explosions by Melissa. Bottle Episode love from Josh. How would you like to break down a locked door? Review that Rocks, thanks Lfg1986! Open all mail as though it's diseased. Drinking Christmas Coktails, this week a Gingerbread Martini. 

I was a guest on episode 166 of Hot Sauce the Podcast, please go give a listen and leave a review for their podcast. Thanks.