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Dec 11, 2014

We dig deeper into Season 8 with the 7th and 8th episoe. Although Josh had to rerecord the number because he said the wrong one.  In 'The One With A Stain', Chandler hires a cleaner that Monica accuses of terrible thefts. Rachel considers moving, but Joey convinces her to stay. Ross makes the moves on an old lady for her apartment... In 'The One With the Stripper' Chandler is thrown an awkward bachelor party by Monica. Including a Sex Worker (SPOILER: Terrible Plot IDEA) Mona and Ross are interrupted by Dr. Green. Rachel enlists Phoebe's help to tell her Dad she's preggers. 


Josh yells at TV cleanrers. Blue Lagoon refrence. Mistle Toe Martini tastes yummy. Melissa debuts her NPR voice. Creepiest Bachelor Party ever. Joey is the best secret keeper ever. 

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