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The One With Josh and Melissa

Welcome to The One With Podcast! The podcast that helps you sort through what to watch on TV.

Aug 1, 2012

Ross and Rachael sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes the... 

This week on The one with Podcast we cover the seventh episode of season two, 'The One where Ross finds out'. What does Ross discover? That he is on a hit TV show covered by an amazing podcast? Nope. That he is destined to be divorced twice? No. That Phoebe beat him up when he was a child? Not yet... In this episode Ross finds out the Rachael is carrying a torch for him. 

The beginning of the episode we breeze through the other story lines. Phoebe frustrated her new boyfriend wont sleep with her, seeks the aid of Joey. Chandler has down on her luck Monica become his personal trainer and instantly regrets it. BUT this episode is all about the soap opera type escapades of Ross and Racheal. 

Rachal has a bottle or five of wine on her blind date. All because Julie and Ross are about to adopt a cat? Her date is equally confused but realizes quickly that he isn't interested in Racheal. While black out drunk she leaves a message on an answering machine, only to rememeber as Ross hears it. Then they have an awkward conversation. Later they have a knock down drag out fight at Central Perk prior to kissing for the first time. 

We elect out Most Valuable Friend, Runner-up, and rate the episode. Melissa and Josh then encage in a contest about kissing. Yes, kissing. 

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