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The One With Josh and Melissa

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Feb 12, 2014

This week we discuss Friends Season 5 Episode 11, 'The one with all the Resolutions'. The gang all prove that New Years Resolutions are a terrible idea. And Ross wears some leather pants. 

the Lessons you can learn from the Friends bad resolutions:

Phoebe: Don't reach too far. Set a resonable goal. 

Joey: Don't count on others to get you to your goal. 

Chandler: Don't let everybody else set your resolution. 

Monica: Don't just set an easy goal you can reach because your too afraid of failing at your real goal.

Ross: Daily goals are impossible to maintain.

Rachel: Be careful what you wish for, because you may have to really face it. 


We disscuss some of our resolutions. Have a Battle of the Tom's. And I super apologize, as you can from time to time hear our kids in the background playing Wii... We will try and avoid this in the future. 

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