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The One With Josh and Melissa

Welcome to The One With Podcast! The podcast that helps you sort through what to watch on TV.

Mar 12, 2015

We are back for more pentultimate season Friends. 'The One With Phoebe's Birthday Dinner.', has the gang all running late to her birthday celebration. Chandler and Monica deal with baby making and a relapse of smoking. Ross and Rachel have baby sitter problems. Happy Day, the 'The One With the Male Nanny' is here to knock your socks off. Rachel hires a male nanny much to Ross' dissmay. Monica knows someone funnier than Chandler. Phoebe and Mike take things to a new level--but a problem returns. 

We have a Jack and Ginger while discussing the fragile male ego. Jack Handy deep thoughts about Hank Azaria. Cigarette sneaking, and watching the West Wing. When you need a penis model? 

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