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The One With Josh and Melissa

Welcome to The One With Podcast! The podcast that helps you sort through what to watch on TV.

Feb 27, 2013

This week we cover Friends Season 3 Episode 19, 'The one where Monica and Richard are friends'. Monica and Richard run into each other at a video store. (You may have to Google what that was) and fall right back into old habits. Phoebe's new boyfriend is hanging out of his shorts, literally. Joey and Rachel exchange...

Feb 20, 2013

Half way through Season 3, this week we discuss Episode 12, 'The one with All the Jealousy'. Ross is jealous of Mark and carpet bombs Rachel's desk with candy, flowers, and stuffed animals. Monica is hot for co-worker, who may have a problem with all American women. Joey can't dance, not even a little bit....

Feb 15, 2013

Thanks for listiening! In just 7 minutes we will recast Friends with actors who are currently on TV. Do you agree with our choices? Have a better suggestion. We want to hear it. 

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Feb 13, 2013

This episode covers Friends, Season 3 episode 11, 'The one where Chandler can't remember which sister'. Phoebe starts dating Monica's noisy new neighbor. Chandler makes out with one of Joey's sister when he's drunk, leading to a black eye. Rachel gets help from a strange man to get a job at Bloomie's, much to...

Feb 6, 2013

This episode cover Friends, Season 3 Episode 10, 'The one where Rachel quits'. Ross's backhand breaks a little girls leg and he must sell Brown Bird cookie to send her to space camp. Rachel is talked into quiting by Joey and Chandler. Monica gets hooked on cookies, just like when she was a little girl. Phoebe hates...