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The One With Josh and Melissa

Welcome to The One With Podcast! The podcast that helps you sort through what to watch on TV.

Nov 27, 2014

We kick off Season 8 with two very good episodes. In 'The One After I Do' we get the party that follows Monica and Chandler's Wedding. Phoebe covers for the pregnant Rachel. Joey tries to impress a Broadway producer. Chandler has slick shoes. The Ladies play a little game. In ' The One With The Red Sweater' A mystry...

Nov 20, 2014

It's time for a look back at season 7. Melissa and Josh announce their Most Valuable Friend, Runner-up, and ratings of episodes. 

SECRET MESSAGE: Friends Every Day Keeps you vital and healthy.

Thanks to @JustMike74 for the drink recipe, Sweet Love.

Shout out to the Blake and Sal Show, who have a podcast award they were...

Nov 13, 2014

We have arrived at the season finale of Season 7, 'The One With Monica and Chandler's Wedding'. Joey gets a shot at a movie role with guest star Gary Oldman. Chandler hits the panic button and dissappears. Ross hunbts hime down, while Phoebe and Rachel run interference on Monica. All while the crazy...

Nov 6, 2014

We're are back to discuss Season 7 of Friends. In, 'The One With the Vows' we get a clip show looking back on Monica nad Chandler's reletionship. In, 'The One With Chandler's Dad' we meet Chandlers Dad, the Drag Queen from Vegas. Joey tries womens panties, and Rachel and Ross go for a drive in a Porche. 

josh attacks...