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The One With Josh and Melissa

Welcome to The One With Podcast! The podcast that helps you sort through what to watch on TV.

Jul 28, 2016

We are joined by Matt from Memphis who almost was the co-host of the 3rd podcast I started. We had recorded 3 episodes before he had to move away for work, so after our Skype call-you get a bonus extra of listening to episode of that... Prior to that we discuss things to do in Memphis, Song of the Summer 2016, and what...

Jul 21, 2016

1:30 Ghostbusters

10:10 Harley Quinn

13:20 Stranger Things

17:10 Orange is the New Black Season 4



@joshsolbach @melissasolbach

Jul 14, 2016

Melissa and I get excited to start watching GBBO Season 3, and break down the contestants, judges and desserts. Mel gets a rant launched at TVGuide.Com and we break down the Stranger Things Trailer. Then we chat all things Friends and resume our fake TV legal practice to defend them against a charming, funny...

Jul 7, 2016

This week we are here to chat with our friends from Hot Sauce the Podcast. Go listen to their show and follow them on Twitter: @HotSaucePodcast @JustMike74 @Jbug32 and @OzBanks1 

We play a couple of games, and become the 15th eleventy person to try to get the to listen to Hamilton. Also, we get off topic in the best...