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The One With Josh and Melissa

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Jul 24, 2013

Happy FRIENDSgiving! This week we cover Season 4 Episode 8 of Friends, 'The one with Chandler in a box'. Chandler is trying to get back into Joey's good graces after kissing Kathy. Naturally he locks himself in a box for Thanksgiving. Monica gets a shard of ice to the eye and meets Richard's son--and attempts to date him. Nobody wants to be Rachel's Secret Santa because she returns gifts. Special guest star Micheal Vartan and the most amazing Paget Brewster.

On this episode everything has 3 reasons, in honor of the Chandler in the box. We request a lot of expertise, from Eye Doctors, Italians, English Majors, and many more. Josh assumes Europeans think all Americans are hipsters for wanting ice. Phoebe may be the most normal character on the episode, and You shouldn't take things from a museum. This episode is a little longer than most, but it's FRIENDSgiving!  

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We'll be back next week, to discuss the next episode of Friends.